Need more online sales?

Dicontas focuses on utilising proven digital conversion tactics to achieve digital augmentation through organic/paid search and online Adverts.  We are digital marketing specialists.

Our drive is to help our SME clients to increase their online brand awareness and revenues.


  • assisting in the selection of best-value technology to meet your needs
  • investing in the best strategies for organic and paid search for more clicks
  • increasing your online presence to get your brand in front of more online visitors
  • increasing your traffic conversion rate to get more customers

We keep up to date with the latest website technology and digital marketing & strategies to help you drive your online business forward.

We focus and deliver on:

Our founder is Stewart Farquhar, with a BSc Hons in Software Engineering, MSc in Information Management and a MBA in Technology Management.

He has found his passion in business life in the realms of digital marketing, WordPress and funnel software.

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